vServer.site - Prepaid vServer, BGP, KVM, KleyRex & LocIX VMs


The best servers and services are not optimally usable without a good data center and the associated routing. The core components of a good data center include air conditioning, connections to other providers as well as service and emergency management. When choosing New Locations for our services, these points are particularly important to us.


We can be found with our own hardware and routing equipment at the following locations:
Locations Abbreviation
MK Network Services DC Frankfurt FFM2
myLoc DUS3 Düsseldorf DUS3
myLoc DUS6 Düsseldorf DUS6
Serverius Datacenter MPL


We have connections to the following providers / Internet Exchange Points:
Location Carrier / IXP
FFM2 MK network services 10G
FFM2 meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG 10G
FFM2 LWLCom GmbH 20G
FFM2 Asympto Networks 10G
FFM2 LocIX Frankfurt 2x 40G
FFM2 KleyReX Frankfurt 10G
DUS3 & DUS6 myLoc Managed IT AG 30G
DUS3 & DUS6 LWLCom GmbH 20G
DUS3 & DUS6 LocIX Düsseldorf 20G
DUS3 DE-CIX Düsseldorf & München & Hamburg 10G