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General Terms and Conditions

Contractual partner

On the basis of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) between the customer and
Elektronik Böcker
Denkmalsweg 7 26670 Uplengen
Tel: 04956 - 891 869 - 0, hereinafter referred to as the provider, the contract.

Subject matter of the contract

Through this contract the sale of services via the online store of the provider is regulated. Because of the details of the respective offer is referred to the product description of the offer page.

Contract closing

The contract is concluded exclusively in electronic commerce via the store system. In this regard, the offers presented represent a non-binding invitation to submit an offer through the customer order, which the provider can then accept. The order process to conclude the contract includes the following steps in the store system:

  • Selection of the offer in the desired specification
  • Placing the offer in the shopping cart
  • Pressing the button 'order'
  • Entering the customer data
  • Selecting the payment method
  • Review and processing of the order and all entries
  • Pressing the button 'order with costs'
  • Confirmation mail that order has been received
  • With the sending of the order confirmation, the contract is concluded.

    Contract duration

    Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum contract period is 1 month and the period for ordinary termination 14 days to the end of the contract period. Unless otherwise agreed, the contract is extended in the absence of notice by the respective minimum contract period. If this is longer than one year, however, only by one year at a time.  Termination is only effective if it is made in the following form: In writing.

    Prohibited services

    DE-CIX VMS & special tariffs

    The term of the DE-CIX VMs is 12 months in any case. Termination is possible after 12 months. If contractual terms have been agreed upon, they apply accordingly as listed in the order confirmation.

    Abuse Incidents & Suspensions

    The Hoster may block the services provided to the Customer if any abuse notices are received regarding the corresponding server. The customer will be asked for a statement. This is especially the case if third parties demand refraining from the actions taken by the customer by giving reasons and these reasons are not obviously incorrect, or in the case of investigations by state authorities. The corresponding customer server will not be released again in case of major attacks and there is no possibility of repayment.

    Prices and payments

    All prices are final prices and include the statutory sales tax. Usage-independent fees are due and payable in advance for the respective contract term, unless a different billing period has been agreed with the customer.  The customer has exclusively the following options for payment: advance bank transfer, direct debit, payment service provider (PayPal), credit card payment as well as Bitcoins. Other payment methods are not offered and will be rejected.
    The invoice amount is to be transferred in advance to the account specified therein after receipt of the invoice, which contains all details for the transfer and is sent by e-mail. The invoice amount is collected by the provider by direct debit based on the direct debit authorization by the customer from his specified account. If a trustee service/payment service provider is used, the trustee service/payment service provider shall enable the Provider and Customer to process the payment between themselves. In doing so, the escrow service/payment service provider forwards the customer's payment to the provider. Further information is available on the website of the respective escrow service/payment service provider. The customer is obliged to pay or transfer the amount shown on the invoice to the account specified on the invoice within 14 days of receipt. Payment is due from the date of the invoice without deduction. The provider can stop the service if the customer does not pay the invoice by the indicated due date. A refund of payments made is not possible. If a server error is the fault of the customer, the provider is entitled to pass on all costs incurred to the customer. Here the normal HandsOn rate applies.